Getting Listed

Why should you list on The WeddingXplore Directory?

Besides listing a variety of professional wedding service providers, The WeddingXplore Directory offers a vast amount of wedding ideas, galleries, advice, guides, books, magazines, planning tools and everything else a bride and groom may need in order to make their wedding day a flying success.

Listing on The WeddingXplorer Directory means that you benefit from the interaction of brides and grooms visiting The WeddingXplre Directory to plan their BIG day. The Integration of Facebook and other social platforms gives you more exposure and interaction

Besides that, it’s just such a fabulous and resourceful website to be listed on!

A Standard Listing gives you the following:

  • Logo
  • Full Description of your business
  • A dynamic photo gallery with 5 images
  • A Front End Edotor to Contol Your own Account (Mo More requests for changes not being made)
  • A contact form allowing you to communicate directly with a prospective client
  • Link to your Website
  • A wedding quote
  • Free updates at any time – limited to gallery images and text (updates to all gallery images, text, logo/icon images will not be charged for as well as changing company name)
  • A listing in 2 appropriate categories
  • Google Map to your Premises
  • A Visitor Count So your Popularity Can be seen

As a Listed Member : You are urged to contribute photos, articles and ideas for inclusion on weddingXplore for which you’ll receive credit for!

Traffic: With over 60 000 page views per month and growing Daily, weddingxplore offers a busy platform for promoting any wedding-related business.

What does it cost to Be Listed ?

Standard Listing

R75 / 1 Month A standard listing includes everything listed above.

Exclusive Listing

R360 / for 6 Months  A exclusive listing includes a standard listing with a link to your listing on the front page of weddingXplore , offering you more exposure. There are 4 positions available and these are rotated amongst 16 advertisers only. Furthermore you can list in 4 appropriate categories and have a dynamic photo gallery with 10 images

Premium Listing

R600 / Per Year   A Premium listing includes a standard listing which is highlighted as well as your logo and link on the right hand featured listing panel of the website which is visible on every single page of the website. There are 10 positions available and these are rotated amongst 20 Listings only. A Premium Listing also puts you on the Top of the Category Results Page. Furthermore you can list in 5 appropriate categories and have a dynamic photo gallery with 20 images

How do I sign up?

Getting listed on The WeddingXplore Directory is just as easier than saying ‘I Do’. In order to get started, all you need to do is navigate to here or if you require more like a Advertisement campaign tailor made to suit your needs that may includes Exclusive Adverts in a Category of your Choice, or Full Front Page Exclusive Ad Spot and links to you tube and Facebook. Simply complete the form here and press submit. Your personal agent will then send you listing and advertising options and a booking form.