RSVP system for your wedding

Sep 27, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Before the wedding,General Wedding Planning

Wedding guests RSVP system for your wedding:

You have to work out a RSVP system for your wedding day, and to work out the seating arrangement.

Make a list of all wedding invitations send out, as the guests reply, make a note next to the persons name also how many adults / kids will be attending. Ask on the invitations if there’s any dietary requests, and note that by their names as well.

wedding RSVP card                                                  wedding RSVP card.3

Give it a week after the cut off date (Your RSVP before date) and then make your final list, work out the seating order of the wedding guests and let the caterers know of any special dietary requirements.

wedding RSVP card.2                          wedding RSVP card1