Style of Wedding

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 Decide on the style of wedding:

Formal, Classy-Informal (relaxed), Modern or Traditional. This will determent what kind of ceremony and reception you will have.

A Formal wedding normally starts, late afternoon – early evening. The dress code for the bridal couple, the wedding party and all attending guests will be formal, black tie for the gents and evening dresses for the ladies. The wedding dress will be a full length wedding dress, with full veil, and a long train. At these formal events no children are allowed. The normal traditional vows will apply. The reception will be a formal 4 to 5 course sit down meal.A classic band will be the choice for music, and definitely the wedding mars at the ceremony played by a full orchestra or a string quartet for smaller weddings. The bride and groom normally leaves the reception venue early for the departure on honeymoon, the bride dresses in a special going away outfit.

Formal wedding

Formal wedding

A Classy-Informal (relaxed) wedding can be any time of the day, and end early evening. This choice is ideal or second weddings or older couples.  The bridal couple can write their own vows, and a favourite romantic song can replace the wedding mars.The dress code is far more relaxed. This can be a garden wedding, or a wedding on the beach, the reception will be on the beach, at a clubhouse, a rented hall or marquee. The guests do not have a specific dress code, but it will fall under smart-casual.The wedding party, can be dressed in formal – if so wish, but a more casual approach are acceptable. Children are normally welcome at these weddings. The reception can be cheese and wine, a finger-lunch, or a self-help carvery. The choice of music will be the favorites of the couple. Band and/or DJ. The bridal party can continue enjoying the evening to the end with the guests, there is no formal departure.

Relaxed wedding  Relaxed / Informal wedding

A Very Modern wedding is a bit more formal than the relaxed wedding, the dress code will be smart.  This option is very popular with young people. This will be a wedding in a chapel or garden setting at a lodge. The reception venues will be a clubhouse, a rented hall or marquee. Dress code is smart, the wedding dress will be traditional with a modern style & colours, the white mixed with the brides favourite colours. At the reception the guests can be served a variety of light meals or finger-lunches during the course of the event. The choice of music, the wedding mars or a favourite romantic song of choice. At the reception, and as with the relaxed wedding at the reception will be the favourites of the couple. The bridal party can continue enjoying the evening to the end with the guests, there is no formal departure.

Modern Wedding             Modern Wedding


A Traditional wedding here all the normal traditions go. Traditional wedding dress with veil and train and a formal suit for the groom.The ceremony in a chapel, church or court. with the wedding mars, where the traditional vows will be taken, followed by a more formal reception. With the pieces of traditional wedding cake wrapped for each guest. Here as with the formal wedding the bride has a special going away outfit, into which she changes to bid everyone farewell before leaving on her honeymoon
.Traditional Bride    Formal Wedding