The Comprehensive Wedding Planning Checklist !!

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                           Checklist presented to                                        

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A year or longer. . . . . . before your wedding

Let’s start!!

  • Choose a date plus two alternatives
    •  Remember to be flexible when your date is not available for a venue, or any other reason
  •  Decide on the style of wedding – eg. Formal, Classy-Informal (relaxed), Modern, and traditional. This will determent what kind of ceremony and reception you will have.
    •  Remember you both should be comfortable with your outfits and surroundings on the special day


  •  Choose your wedding party: The Maid of honour, your bridesmaids and how many, the Best man, Groomsmen – should be the same amount as the bridesmaids,  the Flower girl and the Ring bearer.
    •  Remember you do NOT have to have a huge wedding party, just a Maid of honour and Best man will do, or just a flower girl and ring bearer
  • Explore ceremony options and reception venue options
  • Choose the wedding stationery: invitations for the bachelors / bachelorettes, invitations to the wedding save the date cards, and thank you notes 
Wedding stationery

Choose your wedding stationery with one theme

  •  Start assembling a team of wedding pros: – just those that you need (and can afford)
  •  Browse wedWedding Picturesding dresses, veils, bouquets, suits, and attire for the wedding party.
  • Get engagement photos taken, and upload on your wedding webpage.

8 to 10 months…… before the wedding

You getting organised!!

Wedding Day

Wedding Bouquet

  • Purchase/hire wedding dress, veil and suit,purchase your shoes, have any alternations made.
  • Purchase wedding party’s outfits
  • Establish a skin care/beauty routine for both of you.

5 to 7 months…… before the wedding

Coordinating is the key to success !!!



Annie 5b

  • Find accommodation to suggest to your out-of-town guests, post these suggestions on your wedding webpage.
  • Finalise your guest list and mail your “save the dates” and upload on your wedding webpage
  • Create gift registries / suggestions – upload on your wedding webpage
  • Browse different designs then coordinate and order stationery – invitations.
  • Start planning your honeymoon – make flight and venue reservations.
    • Remember if its out of the country to check visa and immunisation requirements.

 3 to 4 months…… before the wedding

You doing great, right on track!!!

Wedding Cake

  • Reserve any rentals that is not supplied by the venue.
  • Meet with officiant to discuss the plans for ceremony. Mention any special requests you might have.
  • Explore wedding day hair and makeup styles, schedule appointments for makeup trials and hairstylist trials.
  • Make reservations for rehearsal dinner (if not able to do it at home)
    • A rehearsal dinner at home is more personal, and more sociable.
    • Order rehearsal dinner invitations
  • Choose a cake – flavour and decorating style and schedule tastings if you not sure of the flavours.

Wedding Cake

  • Mail the wedding invitations – upload a copy of your invitations on your wedding page. Guests should RSVP at least one month before the time.
  • Finalise arrangements with  photographer, videographer, caterer, DJ/band and florist and pay the balance
    • Photographer – when and where photo’s will be taken, supply a list of specific photo’s you want taken.
    • DVD-Videographer – Be clear on what you want in the video, and what events of the big day HAVE to be captured, you cannot re-do this event.
    • Caterer – if the venue do not supply catering finalise arrangements with the caterer, otherwise finalise all catering and decor arrangements with the venue organisers.
    • DJ/Band – Select the music you want played at your wedding, decide on playlists and when what must be played. Also tell them what you do not like and do not want played.
    • Florist – Finalise the colours and bouquets for the ceremony, and the reception venue.
    • Once booked and finalised – mention them all on your wedding page.Wedding Transport
  • Book transportation to and from venues for wedding party, and decide on the brides transport to the ceremony and for the couple from the ceremony to the reception venue and pay a deposit.
  • Apply for marriage license if needed. Make sure all paperwork required are obtained.
  • Consider purchasing wedding insurance.

 2 months…… before the wedding

You are almost there!!!

Wedding Photo's

  • Purchase wedding bands.
  • Schedule dress fittings.
  • Decide “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.”
  • Develop system for organizing RSVPs
  • Plan welcome baskets for out-of-town guests.
  • Finalise wedding guest list.
  • Assemble rehearsal dinner guest list confirm total guest attending and organise catering for at home or reservation at venue.
  • Finalise honeymoon plans and ensure all documents are in order.
  • Plan ceremony and reception seating and order thank you cards & table gifts.
  • Experiment with hair and veil with stylist.
  • Purchase:Guestbook, flower basket for flower girl and ring bearer pillow/holder
  • Finalise reception menu with caterer, and the amount of guests.

1 month…… before the wedding

Keep a cool head, and your sense of humour!!!

  • Begin writing vows, if you going to use your own.
  • Review ceremony details with officiant. Get all your paperwork together and hand to officiant
  • Check all RSVP’s and finalise:
    • Finalise seating arrangements.
    • Finalise amount of guests attending 1. Ceremony and  2. Reception
  • Finalise playlists with musicians.
  • Finalise fittings for wedding party.
  • Create wedding day timeline and send to your vendors, officiant and wedding party.
  • Decide where you and you matron of honour, brides maids and flower girls will get readyWedding Party

2 weeks  . . . . .before the wedding

Don’t Forget …



  • Call vendors to confirm date, times and location.
  • Confirm honeymoon reservations.
  • Pack for honeymoon.
  • Pick up wedding rings from engravers


  • Final dresBrides fitting with veil, shoes & undergarments







  • Write Thank You notes as gifts are received.
  • Give final count to caterer.
  • Arrange for the Matron of honour and Best man to return any rentals like;  tuxedo’s, wedding dress, rental items for venue and vehicles.
  • Send directions to the wedding to the  limo company or the person supplying the transport for the bride and the wedding party.

A day . . . .  before your wedding

Annie 8bRelax, almost there!

Wedding Cake

  • Lay out wedding clothes.
  • Prepare wedding day emergency kit.
  • Have welcome baskets delivered
  • Give wedding rings and officiant fee to best man.
  • Get mani and pedi
  • Attend wedding rehearsal and have fun
  • Get to bed at a decent hour!

Your Wedding Day is here….

  • Eat a good breakfast! Allow yourself plenty of time to get ready.
  • Time for hair and make up to be done, for you and your matron of honour
  • Get dressed with the help of your matron of honour
  • Wait for your transport to arrive
  • Relax, smile, and soak in every incredible moment.

Annie 8a

Skanky 3a                                                                                                                                       A brand new chapter in your life is starting!!!!!