The Wedding Ceremony

Sep 27, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ General Wedding Planning

The Wedding Ceremony:

Meet with officiant to discuss the plans for ceremony. Mention any special requests you might have. Also decide if your ceremony must be religious, non religious, and where: a chapel, church, outdoors, hall, at the court, at a lodge. The officiant need to have all this information to plan the ceremony he wants to give. If there’s special requests like a romantic song you would like to have played while you do your vows, or exchange rings, also what song needs to be played when you enter and leave the church. Will the people sing any songs? And which ones, does it need to go on a screen for the guests to read? Give the officiant as much info as possible, to make a success of your wedding day ceremony.

Open air chapel wedding on the beach

Open air wedding at the beach

Garden wedding at a lodge

Open air- Garden wedding at a lodge


Church Wedding

Church Wedding