The Wedding Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner

Sep 27, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Before the wedding

The Rehearsal dinner, a day (sometimes a week)  before your wedding:

The rehearsal dinner is normally organised by the brides family or close family friends. The wedding rehearsal is followed by the rehearsal dinner a day (or week) before the wedding.

You can book a restaurant for the event, or have it at a club. I find the best rehearsal dinners are at someone’s home. It has a more relaxed, casual atmosphere.

Wedding rehearsal dinner2                                     Wedding rehearsal dinner3

The dinner can be made at home by people getting together and each have a task or meal to prepare. Or the dinner can be ordered and arranged to be delivered at home just before the dinner is served. The table can be laid in a festive or formal manner, matching the colours of the wedding.

Wedding rehearsal dinner4                    Wedding rehearsal dinner1

Make sure that the dinner is planned in such a way that it finishes early – so that you and the groom have enough sleeping time before your wedding day, if it is a day before your wedding.