Wedding: Photographer, DVD/Videographer, Caterer, DJ/Band (music), Florist.

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Hire a photographer,DVD-videographer, Caterer, DJ/band, florist and pay deposits.

Disposable camera on each table

Guests can take fun photo’s

Photographer & DVD-Videographer: Photographer/DVD-videographer

To hire a photographer & DVD-Videographer you have to look at their work, their reputation, or recommendations from previous bridal couples. Look at the style of the photographer and the DVD’s, is that what you want, does he capture the “moments”. Look at previous wedding pictures and DVD’s he/she has done. Also ask for a quote, to cover the whole wedding. What does he/she offer, a album for the photo’s; is it one of your choice or just the photo’s, and you can purchase your own. Whilst interviewing them, see if you feel comfortable with him/her, and are they willing to listen to what you want, follow your instructions, or do they have their own way to do it, and you just have to “leave it in their hands”? Remember you cannot repeat this event, so it has to be perfect, and exactly what you want. A good hint, supply every table with a disposable camera, so that the guests can capture special moments, those moments the photographer do not see, or get to take.It is not expensive, and the matron of honour and best man can make sure they collect all the cameras by the end of the evening

Disposable camera shots

Disposable camera shots


Caterer:Wedding catering and Wedding cake

The catering might be part of the service that the venue provide. You will have to choice from a variety of set menus they have for your guests. Remember to take into consideration any allergies, vegan, or vegetarians that might be on your guest list. If the venue does not supply or recommend a caterer, you will have to find one that do outside catering and set up at the venue at the day of the reception. If its a restaurant, club, lodge; they have a chef who you can consult with. The catering is then part of the rental package. Make sure that items like, tables, chairs, glasses, cutlery, etc are included, some places require you to rent it separately.  They often do the wedding cake as well. You have to arrange a tasting session for the food and the cake, also decide on the type of cake and the cake decorations.



DJ / Band: 

The music on your special day is very important. If you going to have a band, that will be relieved by a DJ, when they take breaks you will have to go through the music with both. Start a playlist of songs you and your groom like. A special song that will be played upon arrival at the reception, also the song you want them to play for the 1st dance. The playlist for the rest of the night, must be a combination of songs you like. Make it clear which kind of music you do not like, and do not want played at your wedding. You can let them audition for you, so you know what they sound like, alternatively find out where they playing and attend one of their gigs, before you make up your mind.

DJ / Band for your wedding reception

A special song for your special 1st dance


Choosing you flowers for your wedding day

Table flower bouquet at the reception

The flowers must fit your theme, and colours. Also the type of wedding you chose. Flowers arrangements for the ceremony venue, the bride, and the wedding party, the reception venue, and table decorations must all compliment each other. The florists will be able to advise on which flowers are easily obtainable at that specific time of the year. Also they will make bouquets sample for you to look at.