Picking Your Wedding Palette

Aug 26, 2019 Before the wedding

Picking Your Wedding Palette

Choose the right colors for your wedding date.


Getting started: Frost can inspire a palette of white, cream, and silver (bare, frost -covered branches could also lead to high-contrast black and white). Or take your cues from red wine by the fire―deep burgundy and orange.

Real Simple suggests: Rich brown and warm tan with deep magenta and a touch of light, frosty pink (shown).

Also consider: Navy or grey, which is wintry but still warm, paired with ice blue; deep forest green with cream and gold.

Winter Wedding Pallette
Winter Pallete


Getting started: There may still be a nip in the air, so your palette could reflect a pale, wispy T-shirt under your favorite cotton sweater in a dark, chunky yarn. The print of your favorite sundress might also offer a good color combination.

Real Simple suggests: A take on sunny skies: aqua blue and ivory with a burst of orange (shown). Add gold for some luster.

Also consider: Various shades of green to reflect budding trees and flowers; green with pink for a happy, preppy vibe.

Spring Wedding Pallette
Spring Pallette


Getting started: Color ideas can come from the farmers market (ripe tomato red, wildflowers in bright pink and purple) or your favorite beach (think muted sand with turquoise).

Real Simple suggests: Pink, red, and coral (shown) can all co-exist―imagine complementary light-to-dark shades on the same paint-chip strip from a hardware store.

Also consider: Juicy citrus yellow with royal blue; turquoise, white, and silver; orange or champagne with pops of fuchsia.

Summer Wedding Pallette
Summer Pallette


Getting started: Changing leaves are only the beginning. Autumn fashion―brown suede boots, a soft eggplant cashmere sweater―can also give you clues. Remember to balance earth tones with an accent color, like pale pink or lemon yellow.

Real Simple suggests: A mossy green that’s anything but muddy when combined with cool navy, baby blue, and white (shown).

Also consider: Brown with lavender; sage green with maroon and baby pink; yellow with gray and white.

Autumn Wedding Pallette
Autumn Pallette

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