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Planning your honeymoon

Aug 25, 2019 Wedding Planning

Planning your honeymoon

honeymoon flight
honeymoon cruise
honeymoon visa n passports

Planning your honeymoon

There are a lot of local places :- In land or coastal to chose from.

Depending on the length of time you want to go away and your budget.

If you get married at a lodge, you can book the honeymoon suite for a week after the wedding and stay on.

If you plan a cruise-ship trip or honeymoon aboard, remember all the requirements, passports, visa requirements, inoculations needed, also to book the air tickets and accommodation far in advance. Do not forget to make sure you have transport to and from the airport.

honeymoon island
honeymoon cape
honeymoon couple 1
honeymoon inland

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Places to Visit Honeymoon Destinations

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